The RICTS Blueprint

RICTS Holdings (Pty) Ltd specialises in the manufacturing and supply of advanced, environmentally friendly, insulated panelling and offers alternative building and construction solutions.

Our Focus

The primary focus of the RICTS team is the construction of durable and aesthetically rich modular structures for a wide range of clients in a variety of sectors and industries.

Our passion lies in the creation of a more sustainable, affordable and innovative building solution than is currently available on the market, one that will support the generations to come and create a new way of looking at the built environments around us.


Our Focus


We do not shy away from our responsibility towards our clients as their appointed and preferred contractor and manufacturer.


We urge our clients to keep us accountable to our services and products, always living up to the RICTS standard.


The foundation of our team, refusing to compromise on what is expected and what is right.


Our business is designed around collaboration and the nurturing of relationships between all parties involved.

Trust & Respect

Through our service and interactions, we endeavour to earn the trust and respect of our clients.


As with the structures we build, we know that relationships need to be tended to ensure that they stay strong.


We strive to always be energy efficient, leaving a healthy contribution to our environment by minimising our carbon footprint.


Through research and development, we constantly find new designs and building methodologies, pioneering our approach to alternative building methods.

Your complete building solution

As a turnkey operation with specialised divisions dedicated to each facet of the construction process, from design to supply and implementation, we have certified experts and division heads that oversee all aspects of our service offerings.

Our in-house team of qualified professionals work closely together with division heads to ensure absolute quality control throughout the value chain and in all areas of operation.


To provide our world with leading innovative modular covered space solutions.


Through innovation we change the landscape of alternative building technology one person, one community, one project and one generation at a time.


Trust | Care | Collaboration | Responsibility | Integrity | Accountability | Respect  | Sustainability | Innovative


Through our different divisions, we currently provide innovative, sustainable and affordable alternative building solutions and services to the following sectors and industries:

Classrooms, Grade R units, ablutions, storage units, administration rooms, libraries, and feeding kitchens

Clinics, laboratories, care centres, and administration facilities

Cold/freezer rooms, warehousing and packhouses, pre-cooling tunnels, pallet stores, loading airlocks, bulk stores, chicken coops, broiler houses, and more

Modular residential structures built with alternative building processes and materials

Administration offices, accommodation units, mess rooms, sporting facilities, and others

Cold/freezer rooms, warehousing, and packhouses
Specially insulated panelling for storage and transport purposes


Our internationally recognised accreditations ensure that you have peace of mind and an approved stamp of quality.

Certification facilitates acceptance and/or approval of a product/system by:

  • Designers and specifiers
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Mortgage lenders and financial institutions
  • Community-support organisations

Agrément Certificate

All RICTS processes and material are certified through Agrément certification and indicates full compliance with regulations and the highest level of excellence in non-standardised construction products and systems.

Agrément certificates are obtained through objective assessments conducted by an independent organisation with more than 30 years’ experience of evaluating non-standardised building and construction products.